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Welcome to Wallisdown, Winton West & Ensbury Park Area Forum 2022

The Local Area Forum 2022

 We hold four Resident Public Meetings each year for open discussion on Ward Matters with our Councillors, Police and Council Officials. Most Saturday morning meetings we invite a guest to inform our residents of other interesting organisations within the BCP Council area.

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WWW Ward Councillors' Quarterly Report -
Public Forum Meeting 23rd July2022 

WWW – Noise from Fun Fair on Redhill Common :

We do decibel check and the funfair is remaining within the limits however this year they have been making tannoy announcements which they are not permitted to do.BCP Council have stressed this to William Cole& Son , since which we have not received any further noise complaints.

  1. In an effort to shield the residential roads opposite, the funfair placed their trucks along one side to create a sound barrier which seems to have worked but has left the opposing side open for the first time and this seems to where the majority of noise complaints have stemmed from. We can discuss with W.Cole & Son for next time repositioning to contain the noise as much as possible.
  2. W.Cole & Son are responsible for litter collection inside the event area (so inside the fenced area) which they do take seriously, bringing in their own bins and keeping things tidy.
    TRAVELLERS INCURSION AT SLADES PARK :Friday 20th May 2022 – only lasting hours…….Bournemouth North Policing Team took swift action ( Inspectors Nick Lee and Scott Janes ) and ‘paperwork’ was ready within hours and the Travellers “were advised” NOT to ‘unpack’ as they would be “off” first thing in the morning.
    They left that evening.
    ( At Rossmore , their next ‘stop’ , Police had vans AND TOW TRUCKS to produce the same result. Section 61 in action. Chief Constable and Police and Crimes Commissioner making it “A safer Dorset for you”. )
    Ward Councillors’ thanks for the prompt action at Slades Park
    According to the Highway Code :
    “Nearest You Can Park to a Junction”“Parking near junctions (Rule 243) being one piece of advice stating:
    ‘DO NOT stop or park opposite or within 10 metres (32 feet) of a junction, except in an authorised parking space’.Although there’s not a law that specifically prohibits motorists from parking close to a junction, you may still find your vehicle ticketed on your return. A non-endorsable (no penalty points added to your driving licence) Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) under the offence of unnecessary obstruction will see you fined £50, or up to £100 for more serious circumstances.”RESIDENTS living in roads congested by pavement parking say enough is enough amid fears “someone will get hurt” due to obstructions and visibility issues.

    BCP Council has pleaded with drivers to park considerately and say they would welcome government suggestions to grant local authorities more power to tackle pavement parking, which some residents say is getting worse in the region.

    WWW Ward ‘Activists’ responding to Resident’s observations in Cornish Gardens

    Bascott Lane litter pick , Noble Close clearing of flytipped MDF , collecting of stones from potholes in Vicarage Road and ‘cutting in’ of ornamental boundary wall.
    All litter and green findings ‘eco disposed’ of.

     WWW – Noise from Fun Fair on Redhill Common :

    Happy FIRST Birthday , Slades Park
    Junior Fun Run ! Organisers Coco and Woody with  SJP Team and much valued Slades Pavilion Volunteers.

    BCP COUNCIL - Subject: Weeding on Paths

    BCP Council are in the middle of our weeding programme, the attached map shows what has been done (green) and what is to be done (Red) It will take a while for treated weeds to die back but hopefully useful for you when weed queries come in. There will be another round later in the year.

    UPDATE* - please note, that from the 8th August 2022 to the 28th August 2022, the closure of Gorsecliff Road, from its junction with Boundary Road to its junction with Beswick Avenue, has been added to the programme of works.  Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. 

    Dear Ward Residents.
    Thank you for your continued interest in what we , your local Councillors , try to achieve to make things better in our , your , Ward.        Thank you for your continued interest and engagement and your, as ever , most helpful communications.


Next Meeting


Saturday 23nd July 2022
start 10.00am
Ensbury Park Community Centre
Ensbury Ave

Main Agenda Items :

• Neighbourhood Policing Team Report
• Progress from Our Ward Councillors & Residents Questions
• Guest Speaker Daniel McLaughlin Park Activator with Great Plans for Slades Park

Tea and Coffee available from 9.30 am

Next Public Meeting Saturday 15th October 202Slades Park PavilionEnsbury Avenue
BH10 4HG



Neighbourhood Policing Team



email:   101@dorset.pnn.police.uk to report any Anti-Social Behaviour

WWW Neighbourhood Action Group

Every quarter there is a meeting of organisations where we discuss local problems in respect of our Neighbourhood Co-ordinators living in Wallisdown, Winton West and Ensbury Park.

Please contact your local Neighbourhood Watch Representative.

  • Ward Profile for Wallisdown & Winton West Population Wallisdown and Winton West ward has a resident population of 10,324 at the time of the 2011 Census. The latest estimate of the ward’s population, based on the 2014 mid-year estimate, is 10,700. The working age population accounts for nearly 66% of the total population. The average age of residents is 42.9. Average household size is 2.5 people, compared with 2.2 in Bournemouth and 2.4 in England and Wales.
    There is a smaller proportion of economically active residents in full-time employment but a larger proportion of part-time employees than the other comparison areas. Unemployment in this ward is lower than for the town.