Minutes from Residents Public Meeting Saturday 18th January 2020 10.30am at Slades Park Pavilion

Minutes from Residents Public Meeting Saturday 18th January 2020 10.30am at Slades Park Pavilion

Meeting opened at 10.35am.
Chairperson informed the residents of the evacuation procedures.

Apologies: Carole and Terence Earle, Peter Herbert, Kathy Moore
Jacqui Vallard, Nicky and David Howard.
Apologies from the Police Neighbourhood team, no one is available to attend the meeting due to the current shift patterns

Previous minutes were not agreed. Will approve at the next meeting.
No matters arising from the previous meeting.

Chairman proposed that from July that the meetings to start at 10.00am instead of 10.30am.
Residents present agree for future meetings, from Sturday 25th July 2020, will start at 10.00am

Chairman Introduced Mayor Cllr Susan Phillips and Cllr Nigel Hedges for Ward Councillors report. And thanked the Mayor for her attendance today

Councillors Report:

The wishes for a ‘happy new year’ and continued contact over the Christmas period was greatly appreciated by your ward Councillors.
Thank you for thinking of us.
ISSUES (in no particular order):

  • Egregious parking at the top of Vicarage Road – this continues perpetrated by the carpet store on the corner of Ensbury park Road. Parking & Enforcement have now nearly three dozen pictures of pavement parking and other ‘seeming’ infringements’ putting our residents, school children and local blind people at risk. I have made it clear now up to BCP Executive Director Level that I am unhappy and impatient.
    However , it has been proposed even aside from the CIL monies ( still delayed ! ) that bicycle racks could be installed on these corners quickly and cheaply so I am pushing for that solution.

works to be started 27th January 2020 , so success !
I have included Oswald Road in that ‘campaign’ and will continue to push both Residents/Parents’ issues with vigour Cutting of hedges : Forsyth Gardens and Acres Road.
Again, unbelievable delay in any ‘action’.
There are mitigating factors in Acres Road still to be untangled……but Forsyth Gardens sees demands and support for the cutting of Bock 1’s hedging by Councillors , Residents , Housing Manager Kinson Hub , Conservative PCC Candidate and the local NPT Police Sargent.
It is astounding that again , some of these issues are taking over six months even without general elections and other larger international issues.

  • Yellow Lines : there is now more than one consultation for yellow lining along corners of Ensbury Avenue (which have been requested by Councillors since before one of us was elected!) – the “sight line” issue is the main driver for reducing risk in this area.


P16 – Ensbury Avenue BH10 4EU Waiting prohibited at any time on the northern side extend the double yellow lines 15 metres around the junction with Slades Farm Road and Cornish

Victoria Park Road:  has new proposals too but this is being resisted by residents. Traffic queues back from the Y Junction leading to the Boundary Road lights but it’s the cars turning right that hold back the parents at school times.
Councillors will support the objections and the Road safety Team are already aware of the Residents’ efforts to stop this scheme.
Objection to P16 2018 Victoria Park Road no waiting proposal

A meeting has already been held and I have reported back some details to some Residents’ who had previously expressed concerns about ‘their high street’. The proposals concern improving the public realm, greater pedestrian safety and a ‘greening’ of the area.
It does not seem to cover day-to-day cleansing issues. Councillors have asked the Streets Team about the ‘street operatives’ ( hand carts and brushes ) and how they work for an outsourced company and what rounds/duties they are expected to perform.
WE will feed back more detail at the next meeting.

“Our vision is for an overall shared scheme with defined walkways and roadways.”
We would like WHS to be greener.
We would like a focal point of Winton (Heart, Centre-point).
We would like street furniture to be moved to create a more generous pedestrian space, for community activities. 
We feel the design needs to make WHS safer for people to cross the road. The vision is for a more permeable roadway between the two pavement walkways where people might cross and cross between different shops and different cafes via controlled and uncontrolled crossings.
There needs to be more places to sit. We would also like to consider multi-purpose Street furniture. We would like to create a community environment where people might like to sit outside cafes.
Art which is relevant and meaningful to the locality is very important to this scheme. Artwork and installations need to be integrated into and layered into the environment/culture and not add-ons. We would like to leave gaps for artists to do street art, create interest and add to the sense of place.
The pavement should be improved and be consistent.
Traffic calming should be considered.
We are open to the idea of closing some side roads.
Material selections need to be sustainable.
We would like a calm environment where cyclists and pedestrians interact in a safer way.  This could be achieved via design solutions which encourage co-operative behaviour across the public realm / street scene.
We would like to improve the street lighting to create a warmer feel. We would like to consider light up of some of the architectural features. We would like lighting to contribute both to the sense of place and to the sense of safety.
We would like to ensure that there is access to changing facilities and toilets for diverse communities accessing WHS.
Parking should not be increased but it needs to be in the right place.
Bus stops need to be positioned in the right place. We would like to be easier for people to use bus stops and access buses. There are particular spaces where this is difficult for example the post office.
Consideration could be given to the provision of electric charging points for cars in some of the car parks.

Councillors are asking through the Bournemouth Chamber of Trade if any Winton Businesses are involved at this stage. I am sure a Residents’ Group would also be able to contribute……

  • LEAF MULCH : the usual calls from Residents concerning leaf build up around drains leading to blocking and flooding have been light but regular as the Council’s schedule often sees clearances very shortly after the reports – which shows amazing alacrity and efficiency….with 1m trees in Bournemouth alone , that’s a lot of leaves.
    Norton Road and Firs Glen Road have had visits and reports in from Councillors in recent weeks.
  • Residents from Forsyth Gardens have asked for lighting in, around and across Slades Park. The Talbot Village Trust and the Universities have been having discussions with BCP Conservation Officers about lighting the better and ever improving pathways across the woods there and Councillors are involved in asking for progress.
    The 3G floodlit football pitches ( Active Dorset and BU ) have just been opened behind the school(s) so more activity and more light sees a less safe haven for those who have ASB intentions. Our gallant Residents (unofficial ‘park guardians’) and our intrepid dog walkers are vigilant and most appreciated sentinels reporting to the authorities usually quite quickly anything that seems amiss.
    The new Pavilion here too seems to have helped see a reduction of activities needing reporting.
  • Graffiti on the bridge – the Council dedicated graffiti removal team attend to remove the graffiti

Questions that arose at the meeting;

  • Is there a schedule to clear drains from the leaves? The council will work around the borough to clear drains when the leave fall has finished.
  • The path between the two buildings in the park: will this be reinstated? This is still being discussed, no answer at present.
  • Improved lighting in Slades Farm Park – Discussions are taking place on how best to do this, but it will take time.
  • There was a long discussion on the parking issues within the ward, one particular area was the Yellow lines consultation as stated by the ward councillors – Agencies are doing all they can to encourage other forms of transport to reduce car journeys, such as, Beryl Bikes and Buses.
  • Wallisdown Road – Councillors went through the Wallisdown road development, the pathways, cycle lane and Boundary Road roundabout.

The Chairperson thanked the Ward Councillors

Cllr Phillips informed residents that the next Crime Prevention meeting will be held on 11th February 2020, 2.30pm at Ensbury Park Library, Columbia Road.

Amanda Nicholls – Communities Team, BCP Council, informed residents about a new consultation for the community engagement Strategy. The communities’ team are visiting all 33 wards across BCP to ensure we reach a variety of residents, businesses etc.
Ensuring that everybody in our diverse communities has the opportunity to get involved and help shape and influence council services in their local area is a priority for BCP Council.  

We’d really like your views on draft Community Engagement and Consultation Principles we have put together to show how we plan to engage and consult with our communities. We’d also like to find out how you currently get involved with BCP Council and what would encourage you to have your say. This is so we can offer a range of ways for you to get involved.
We also ask about your local area identity, what existing local groups you’re aware of and what could work better, so we can consider what arrangements may be needed across Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole.

Once we have heard your views through the consultation, we will draft the Community Engagement and Consultation Strategy to reflect this, so your views will make a difference.
Paper copies can be found in all BCP Libraries, or the survey can be completed online.

Hope for Food – Hope for Food is a local charity based in Bournemouth set up and run entirely by Volunteers.
We also distribute surplus food that is regularly donated by Marks and Spencer Castlepoint and Westbourne, Waitrose Winton, Co-op, Greggs, and Pret a Manger.  On top of this we also have a number of local businesses that donate food when they can.

We serve between 65 and 85 clients each session. Our principal aim is to ensure that homeless and disadvantaged people in Bournemouth get some hot food and drinks each week, throughout the year, whatever the weather conditions.
We will attend the next forum meeting to explain our work in more details, but here is the website https://www.hopeforfood.org.uk/

Prama Life and Hope in the Community – Tess Champion
The projects aim is to reduce loneliness and Isolation, they work with churches to raise people awareness of what is happening in communities.  Churches have over 100 activities in our communities and during the holidays there are activities with lunches for about £5.00.

  • At the last census 18% of Bournemouth population were 65+ (16.4%)
  • Nearly 6100 residents are over 85-year-old
  • Age UK say that 10% of over 65s are lonely (around 3,600 for Bournemouth), one third over 75s usually spend more than 12 hours a day on their own, 40% of older people in the UK say that their TV is their main company
  • Three quarters of over 65s say they would find it hard to admit being lonely as they do not want to be a burden.
  • This is why – ‘the thought of making a new friend is daunting’, ‘loneliness is horrible, it’s changed me’, of course I’m lonely, I don’t like living alone, ‘the television is my friend, but lately it is awful’, I had one week where I did not see a soul’, there is not enough to live for’.
  • It is very hard to get lonely people to integrate.
  • There are churches all over Bournemouth
  • They have resources and equipment
  • We are aiming to encourage churches to work together to save everyone’s time
  • Raising awareness of what they do. 40 churches – 100 groups
  • There is nothing in this ward yet, but have Kinson
  • We need your feedback and ideas
  • We want to work with individuals and other organisations
  • Have dementia friends and dementia friends

David Sidwick, PCC Candidate –  He expressed the chance to help improve the Dorset Police Force with the government’s intention to increase the police personnel over the next 3 years.

The Chairman Thanked everyone for coming along today.

Residents and councillors letters

Thank you for pushing through with the pavement works along Wallisdown Road.They are excellent and I cycle along the south side each day to get my daily papers.My bike has never gone so smoothly of so fast !
Many thanks ,

Councillor Nigel P. Hedges
BCP Council
Wallisdown and Winton West Ward
Day : Bourne Engraving
1 Granville Place
off Yelverton Road
Bournemouth BH1 1DP
Tel : (mon-sat) 01202 555922
(Mobile) : 07941 562886

WWW Councillors’ Report for Public Forum APRIL 2020 :

In these challenging times, all Councillors are grateful for the amazing efforts of all our BCP Staff. They have put together so many new emergency contingency and action plans, giving selflessly for the benefit and protection of all our Residents.If anyone you know needs help, we can get this information to their letter boxes very quickly if you cannot pass it on directly.

Cllr Susan Phillips’ Mayoral Year has been interrupted of course and we all await the time when the Bournemouth Mayoralty resumes its fantastic work for the Communities around Bournemouth and beyond.
Cllr Phillips’ remains constantly in touch and available for all Ward issues.
In no particular order, here are issues which have required attention and in many cases achieved resolution…….

ANTI-SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR / Noise from Homes of Multiple Occupancy (HMOs ) : Cllr Hedges has had ongoing and regular dialogue with Bournemouth University Community Liaison Officer Ian Jones. He has direct engagement with Talbot Village Trust as do WWW Ward Councillors. Residents often report noise issues from HMOs and whilst some are indeed BU students, many are not.
From BU’s Mr Ian Jones: “One ( ASB/noise case ) recently that went to court in Talbot Road were Arts University students. One more recently were indeed BU students. They were served a “Noise Abatement Notice” and were then served a formal notice to go to court. They now have criminal records. This was the first student prosecution in this academic year
( which has now been truncated of course nph ) – there have been several Non-Student prosecutions in this time…..
This academic year there have been less NANs served across the conurbation which is encouraging. There are of course now MORE HMOs but many are not BU student homes.”

Your Councillors hope this is of some encouragement to Residents.
BESWICK AVENUE : Cllr Hedges visited residents there and as a consequence , visits from the BCP ASB Team and communications from BU and the BU Police saw the disturbances virtually stop overnight ( including bins left in the road ).
It is vital all residents inform us of these issues and also report it to :



Preliminary improvement works to commence at Boundary Roundabout
Works to prepare for future improvements at Boundary Roundabout are due to start week commencing Monday 27 January and last for 3-4 days. The improvements all form part of a wider scheme to create better transport links across Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole, and follow on from the work that has been taking place on Wallisdown Road since Autumn 2019.

 The preliminary works involve the felling of several trees. The trees are being removed to enable the roundabout to be reduced in size, which form part of the future improvement  plans. A tree replacement programme will ensure new trees are planted around the roundabout as part of the project. 

 The plans for Boundary Roundabout include:  • Removing the existing roundabout and replacing it with a smaller one to reduce traffic speeds and improve safety
• Installing Toucan Crossings on Wallisdown Road and Boundary Road near to the roundabout to provide safer controlled crossing points for pedestrians and cyclists
• Installing combined footpaths/cycle ways around the roundabout
• Removing the existing pedestrian crossing on Talbot Avenue and replacing it with a toucan crossing closer to the roundabout
• Widening the footpath on the north-side of Talbot Avenue to create a combined
footpath/cycleway between Boundary and Talbot Roundabouts
• Improving the existing footpath/cycleway on the south-side of Talbot Avenue

Plans for Boundary Roundabout play a vital part in improving our local transport links across the three towns. This area is an accident blackspot, especially for collisions involving people on bikes. With over 24,000 vehicles using Wallisdown Road daily, the development will make this route safer and more viable for all road users, at an important location for a more accessible travel around our local area. 

 Loss of trees on Boundary Roundabout :
The treework was essential, and that more trees of similar species will be planted to replace those being removed. Improving sustainable transport options at this key location is also part of our Climate Emergency commitments. ( Eighteen months work programme will see all four ‘corners’ landscaped to a very high standard nph. )

Police Message :
As residents are reporting crimes to their Councillors directly , could they be encouraged to report to the Police either 101 / 999 (depending on the nature of what is occurring) or report on line https://www.dorset.police.uk/do-it-online/

Over 30 local Residents attended a consultation meeting in February.
This meeting was organised by Cllr Jackie Edwards of Redhill & Northbourne Ward as the Fox Café is in that Ward. However, with letters delivered to WWW Residents along Redhill Avenue , about 30 people attended this meeting.

*Licensing Act 2003 Fox Café Redhill Park Redhill Drive Licensing Sub-committee hearing
on 31 March 2020:
Due to the current situation with COVID- 19 the hearing for the above application has been cancelled.  We do not have any further details at the moment, but I will be in contact again when further information is available. It has been confirmed that all those residents that made representations to the application mostly by email but a couple have been sent a letter.

  Cllr Jackie Edwards.

This was carried out by Residents at their own expense.
They are now able to remind dog walkers to “pick up the poop” and can now easily observe ASB activities.
( Police cordoned off the skate park to prevent its use during the social distancing period but children were seen using it soon after the Police left the site. )

ACRES ROAD : Fly tipping cleared and residents above the shops in Kinson Road served notices.
WWW Residents attended and supported Rev Michael Smith and his Community at Moordown St John’s Church for their Pancake Tea on 25th February.

NEIGHBOURHOOD POLICING TEAM : we have a new Sergeant as Guy Nicholas and Kennie Wilson have been redeployed. We now can contact Sgt Lewis Bailey.
BONFIRES :These have been more prevalent and can and have caused distressed especially to those home-isolating with pre-existing breathing conditions. Please consider your neighbours and waste will be collected as and where possible by BCP Council ( when normal services resume ).
Again , report at :

Local Councillors working with the Church ( Moordown St John’s ) , Zvoo Hair Salon , Bournemouth Blind Society and Moordown St John’s Primary School , and Residents , made representations to Highways and the BCP Road Safety Team. To that end , bollards and bicycle racks now occupy that corner preventing the carpet shop on the next block parking twelve wheeled lorries there to unload on the pavement endangering pedestrians.

VICTORIA PARK ROAD : Comprehensive representations from residents there , all working together , saw local Councillors adding weight to their negative responses to the Highway Team’s ‘Consultation process’ , so much so the plan for new yellow lines were permanently shelved.

Graffiti  was reported 21.4.2020 at the turning road between Fernside Road and Glenmoor Road on fences and rubbish dumped in bushes. The fencing in the whole area by the carriage way is rusted in a state of disrepair. Dog poo bin asked to be disinfected each time it is emptied.
( Grafitti Team reported back that the sprayed ‘tags’ were on private property and thus the responsibility of the property owner to arrange removal. )
( A promptly arranged Councillor Litter Pick saw the litter removed from along Wallisdown Road. )


From: Councillor Vikki Slade <Vikki.Slade@bcpcouncil.gov.uk>
Sent: 19 April 2020 21:07
To: Cc: Nigel Hedges < <nigel.hedges@bcpcouncil.gov.uk>

Subject: RE: Daws Ave – poor maintenance of shrub borders and damage caused by vehicle/s parking on shrub verges . Highways Act 1980.

“Dear Cllr Hedges.
With regards to your Resident’s questioning of the declining maintenance of our natural environment over the last few years : I think we have to recognise that over the last 10 years this area has lost £103m PER YEAR of funding through the erosion and eventual removal of the Revenue Support Grant.

BCP Council now receives only % of its funding through national funding and with the rest coming only from council tax, business rates, fees and charges we have had to cut back on a wide range of services and inevitably the regularity of hedge maintenance will have been a victim of these reductions.

I have asked our head of park services to respond and he has confirmed the following which I hope you will find reassuring in terms of the work being carried out.

From PARKS : “Whilst the shrubs had recently been pruned back hard, there was clear evidence that new bud break was occurring. Pruning of this nature whilst in appearance is severe, it horticulturally will stimulate accelerated new and vigorous plant growth and encourages a
thickening of plant growth/density. This is why hedgerows are flailed hard annually , to encourage new, vigorous, denser growth so livestock does not escape.

There was obviously a significant weed issue within the shrubs borders, which unfortunately we will not be able to address as weed spraying has been deemed to be none essential and staff have already been redeployed to other duties. This will of course provide some additional form of floral attraction for insects in this area.  I did notice that a few shrubs had died and there was the odd location with some gapping. This can be addressed hopefully in the autumn, which will be the time when any planting has the best chance of establishment.
One the subject of prosecutions, this is a civil offence and not a criminal offence and only if any byelaw exist on these verges, which is rare. The fines are extremely low in reality (£10 -20) as they were set many decades ago.”

It is not realistic at the moment for us to look at increasing enforcement of such offences, with the recent impact of Covid-19 we are having to review all of our budgets and I would not be willing to make any commitments around increasing spending in this area until a full budget review is carried out for the next couple of years to reflect the longer term impacts of a significantly reduced income in 2020 and significant increases in essential spending by the council.

Cllr Vikki Slade Leader of BCP Council Liberal Democrat Councillor for Broadstone Ward

Observations have been made and  report sent to the Police by a Resident.

Incident 20.4.20 at 18.45.
Registration numbers logged and reported.

Response from Sgt Lewis Bailey :

“Dear Cllr Hedges.
Thank you for bringing this to my attention. We are aware of potential dealing occurring in Beswick Avenue, and as always are reliant on the residents calling the police or crime stoppers to report / provide intelligence to assist in our effectiveness to deal with the issue to provide longer term solutions. In the meantime, the residents can rest assured the street receives high visibility policing patrols as part of our day to day business. Unfortunately in these unprecedented times we do not always have the available resources to immediately respond, as was the case with last night’s report in Glenmoor Road, where there simply were no free units to attend at the time. However this will still be looked into by my team, who will make contact with the informant in due course -and the recording of registrations is helpful.

PC Atkins 2653 and PCSO Elliot 5188 are responsible for the area, and will provide you with further updates to feedback to residents in due course.
Many thanks

Councillors continue to litter pick as and when they can and Wallisdown Road had two bags of rubbish removed on 23rd April by our Conservative Team.

Discarded rubber gloves and face masks were very much in evidence.
BCP Highways are to be congratulated on the high quality finish of the newly resurfaced pavement from Alton Road to Wallisdown Roundabout ( majority completed at the time of the litter pick ).
Street Services were notified to collect broken discarded food caddy and Highways asked to remove road works’ cone base and several sandbags which had ‘roamed’.


Councillors and 1,000 volunteers have been delivering the BCP “Together We Can” cards listing the Help Line Number ( see top of report ) and further details. Local neighbourhood Volunteers have been stepping forward in amazing numbers. Certainly , in the WWW Ward , I have heard of so many Residents reaching out to help those more vulnerable including gardening , cleaning , shopping and so many other acts of kindness have been reported to us on a regular basis.

Cllr Phillips and myself have seen prompt response to issues we have raised on our Residents’ behalf despite the BCP staff too being stretch and enduring changed roles and working practices.
When this is all over , there will be many “unsung heroes” that will deserve to be “sung” !

Please share your good news stories with us.

BCP Council Civic Amenities ( TIPS ) :
These have rightly been closed for the reasons given in many media channels by the BCP political administration. The Conservative Group is now pushing to get these re-opened but they must be safe whist being accessed. Green waste collections have restarted and we have had no reports of any waste collections where ‘rounds’ have been missed.
Again , our thanks to our Street Services Team.

Please Beware of Bogus Officials

We are advised that criminals are posing as Council officials or NHS staff to either gain entry to private residences, or to make monetary gain by charging householders for errands, we would therefore like to advise you once again to be vigilant to these attempts and to say NO to cold callers
BCP and Dorset Councils do not send anyone to your home to offer services such as shopping or running errands to collect medicines etc. will making a pre-arranged appointment to visit and carry out the service and their volunteers will never enter your home.
Similarly the NHS is not carrying out house to house visits.

Although it is difficult whilst maintaining social distancing, you still need to check the id of anyone calling at your home.  Ask them to hold it to a window so that you can view it and if you are still unsure, please ring the organisation to check that the caller is legitimate – use the number on a bill or from the phone book, not a number the visitor provides.

Do not allow anyone into your home unless it is an emergency.

Do not give your bank card to anyone offering to do shopping for you; most shops will allow you to make payment directly to them when you place your order.  Volunteers are advised not to take credit or debit cards from the person they are running errands for.
If you need help with essential services because you are unable to get out you can request assistance from your local council.
BCP Council – Phone 0300 123 7052 or complete the online form
Dorset Council – Phone: 01305 221000 or email communityresponse@dorsetcouncil.gov.uk
​Please remain vigilant and stay safe.
Elaine Ryan
Resilient Community Co-ordinator
Dorset Police

Thank you all for your interest and support for what we all try to achieve for our Ward. We are happy to communicate throughout this difficult time and I have certainly bought more books of stamps that normally!
Council meetings are taking place digitally through Skype and Zoom forums and seem to be working well. Personally, I buy a copy of the ECHO every day and it too is a vital source of information both for Council news and Residents’ opinions. For those who do not have access to the internet , old fashioned newspapers at this time remain vital channels of news.

I would like to thank our Ward Forum Chairman Mr Bernie Culver for his ceaseless efforts to keep this vital function for Wallisdown and Winton West working and working well. Also , our BCP Community Officers Amanda Nichols and ASB Team Officer Mrs Sandi Webb for their help , support , time and diligence facilitating good work and effective action on our Residents’ behalf.

Your Councillors delivered some Easter Eggs ( seems so long ago now ) to “Hope for Food” who have always done a magnificent job but are more vital now than ever in their efforts to help those most needy at this time. Thank you all who have already volunteered to support this tireless local charity.
As The Queen has announced , we WILL meet again.

   Stay safe , stay well , keep in touch.                      
  Your local Councillors , Nigel and Susan

This presentation was on the Agenda for the 25th April meeting – here for your information :

Dorset Bobby Van
“The launch of our first ‘Bobby Van’ is an exciting service we are now offering to not only prevent burglary offences but also support those who have been the victims of such crime. Our service will be free at the point of delivery and funded in the long-term through The Safer Dorset Foundation.”
Chief Constable James Vaughan MSt (Cantab)

About the Dorset Bobby Van
The service is free of charge and aimed at reducing crime and the fear of crime, helping people to feel safe and secure in their own homes.
The aim of the Bobby Van is to reduce the level of domestic burglary and distraction burglary and support victims to feel safer in their homes.

Who can access the Bobby Van Scheme?

  • Victims of burglary over the age of 60 within the scheme area
  • 18+ with a registered disability within the scheme area
  • 18+ who are vulnerable within the scheme area

What does the Bobby Van Scheme offer?

  • Check and upgrade door locks.
  • Fit door chains.
  • Fit door viewers.
  • Install window locks.
  • Advise on additional security improvements.


As a charity, the Bobby Scheme relies on donations to fund our work. Please consider helping us to help the vulnerable and elderly.