Cllr Hedges’ Covid 19 exercise today :


Today at 7.30am , Mr Culver , I responded to your report through Cllr Phillips about litter in the area you relayed to me.

( I didn’t make it yesterday afternoon as rain was unpredictable but heavy ).

I have to say , the ( public/highways ) area was really quite clear and I only filled half a rubbish bag , but on the final return I found the “dump” which is over the school’s fence to the right of the Boundary Road entrance as parallel to the final highest run of the bridge’s brick ramp. It seemed to comprise of what would be expected to represent a standard ‘student’s lunch’ and had been obviously accumulating for some time ! I have now cleared most of it , ripping my jacket on the chain link fencing which has traditionally been bent back down to allow either egress/ingress or an easy place to thrown rubbish. The school have tried to chain it back up with two padlocks but it needs attention once more to regain its integrity.

I could not get everything cleared as I couldn’t reach but did get the 2ltr bottle of Co-op water ( very heavy ! ) finally , but broke my Picker doing so.

I placed the contents of one bag in the litter bin opposite the school entrance in Boundary Road but took the other two bags home. The bin at the school is now full and needs emptying ( Mr Best ? ).

Mr Ingram ( Glenmoor and Winton Academies ) – can the fence be fixed and you may at the same time remove the rest of the rubbish I couldn’t reach so it’s not a magnet to attract more of the same ? Thank you.

Some of the rubbish was very old ; I don’t know how long it takes for the red on a Coke can to fade but it must be some years. I have to say , the roads I walked including Pickford Road were all in all very clear and tidy ( some build up of leave mulch outside the school entrance not cleared for a year or two I would
guess ).

Thank you for the report , Mr Culver. Another aspect to our next ( virtual ) WWW Public Forum report !

Regards ,
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