Councillors’ Report “January” 2021 NOW MARCH 2021

Well, here we are in “a new year” – who expected 2020 would turn out as such a challenge for all…..? Ward Issues still continue, despite social distancing and restricted trade and commerce.
Council staff and street services crews have still set about their tasks but where there have been shortfalls or ‘clarity required’ across BCP Council business and how we serve our Residents ( and Council Tax Payers of course ) we have all endeavoured to seek answers and equity , none less than your local Councillors in WWW Ward.

We are pleased that feedbacks from these Councillors’ Reports are so positive. They are, we feel, essential at this time as our much supported and invaluable “WWW Public Forums” remain in stasis owing to Covid restrictions.

We would like to thank all Residents for contributing positively to our ‘work load’; if YOU don’t tell us, we just might not know about issues and developing problems……..

I have also heard now that some Residents are PRINTING THESE REPORTS OUT and distributing them to their neighbours. We are very grateful. Most kind and typical of the community spirit that exists in our beloved Ward.

We will of course let all of you know when it is safe for us to restart our Public Forums held quarterly at The Rooper Hall in Victoria Park Road and the Ensbury Park Community Centre.

Please ask your neighbours to get in touch and to let us have their e-mail addresses so these can be sent out even if they can’t attend the Public Forums in 2021 – and beyond!

MARCH PS: There has been an awful lot happening in our Ward and ‘neighbouring Wards’ in March which has increased our workload considerably. I would expect some of the “hotter topics” still ongoing to be reported separately next month…….

Please read to the end as the latest issues are a few pages down (so again, this WWW Councillors’ report MAY have to be sent in two halves as it will exceed e-mail limits in size…..).

At the end of March, Councillors are having meetings with Care Providers and the Police on some related and not connected issues which involved Moordown Ward Councillors and Redhill & Northbourne Ward Councillors.

It is hoped HMOs* (Houses of Multiple Occupation) will be given closer attention across the piece.


CRASH VICTORIA ROAD Saturday 28th November 2020 at 2.15am:


I have had an ongoing dialogue with a Resident with whom I have been having dialogue over WWW ETRO and increased traffic/traffic speeds in Victoria Avenue since Boundary Road has been closed and historically. I have been in touch or heard that several residents have had their walls rebuilt there since 2012. I recently requested the Accident Statistics there and they show no serious RTAs for the recorded last five years…….some Residents appear to argue otherwise…….


I have requested of BCH Highways, BCP Highways Engineering , BCP Road Safety Team and BCP Highways Portfolio Holder ( Cllr Mike Greene ) :

  • If work can be started immediately assessing the road configuration/traffic slowing measures
  • Examination of the suitability of the road surface
  • Extra protection for pedestrians and residents’ properties
  • Immediately installation of SIDs ( Speed Indicator Devices )


Subject: Concerns re traffic in Victoria Avenue

“Further to my email of 4 November 2020 which I trust you have received, additionally, you are no doubt aware of the extensive damage caused to Nos 6 and 8 Victoria Avenue on Saturday 28 November when the driver of a car demolished two garden walls and crashed into a stationary car parked on the drive.  Yet again this raises a serious ’health and safety’ issue not only for the residents of Victoria Avenue, especially the section betwixt Namu and Eldon Roads but also the numerous pedestrians that use this route on a regular basis.  It is now patently obvious that our concerns were not only to do with the volume of traffic along the road but were also focused upon the ‘driving without due care and attention’ and drivers not being cognisant of the configuration of this road which comprises in particular a straight stretch, or sharp double-end followed by another straight stretch and the frequent speeding in excess of the limit!

As mentioned in my previous correspondence, this is on a direct route for two local primary and two secondary schools and twice a day many children, singularly and in groups, walk on both sides of this road.  The vast majority are unaccompanied.   As a result of the pandemic these schools have adopted a ‘staggered’ start and finish to the school day, consequently this has vastly extended the period of time children walk along this road twice a day!  It is too fearful to contemplate what the outcome might have been if the devastation wreaked on the 28 November had occurred during the school journey times when we may well have been faced with juvenile fatalities. 

This is not an isolated incident but ‘accidents’ have a historical perspective in this stretch of Victoria Avenue, in particular with serious consequences of actual damage to properties on both sides of the road.

Enough is enough:  speed destroys property and can kill!  Remedial action should receive immediate attention and action be expedited.”




PHOTOS – telling the story……

Illegally parked cars and scooters causing obstructions and blind spot……..
On THURSDAY 26th November 2020, on cycling there to ‘observe’,
from 7.55am to 8.45am ,I was able to talk to the THREE TRAFFIC WARDENS who were “advising” drivers parked dangerously or indeed illegally. I continue dialogue with the school and the school’s Governors.

And yet….strangely……on two mornings in the same week…..
( at most , six cyclists negotiating the ‘barriers’ in each hour )

CLLR HEDGES VISIT 8.15am Tuesday 24th November 2020



School WAS open!


ABOVE: THURSDAY 26th November 2020: between 8.10am and 8.40am.

School WAS open!

4th November 2020: screen captures from a video from a Resident stuck in a jam in her road trying to get her child to another school in the area……



One can only deduce that when the Traffic Wardens were there, there were ‘no jams’……….


for safety and the clear sight of all yellow lines

(Some hand clearance necessary the next day owing to parked cars).
Residents had made some efforts to pile the leaves.
ELDON ROAD needs some leaf clearance at this stage (November).


For information, gleaned in the course of my VicPkRd ETRO enquiries….

Dear Councillor Hedges.
In terms of the ETRO, there have been no injury crashes in Victoria Park Road in the last three years, which indicates that there have been none since the ETRO was established.
There have been five reported injury accidents along the Victoria Avenue/Bengal Road/Withermoor Road route in the last three years although none since September 2019. None of these crashes resulted in subsequent damage to boundary walls, as far as I can tell from the police information supplied. Here is a summary of those 5 injury collisions Please note that Dorset Police do not keep records of ‘damage only’ incidents;
that is crashes that do not result in personal injury.All of this data is up until the end of August 2020.

Your Ward Councillors hope this ‘newsletter’/Report is of continued help and interest.
Please let us know if it is no longer required.

Hopefully this time it is not too large to be sent out in two halves…..

Stay safe , stay well , and stay in touch.


From a Resident:

“Just an update of what’s been happening with the Greenwood Road SGN/JDT enclosure. JDT’s representative visited yesterday evening and spoke to me about a letter explaining their works and apologising for not contacting us earlier in the process. She advised that the compound would be downsized today and would be gone by the end of next week, during which time they were seeking an alternative location subject to agreement with BCP. True to their word, today the compound was emptied of soil and the fencing dismantled and stacked awaiting collection. The No Parking cones

and general signage remain in place and I would expect these will be removed once the stacked fencing in the carriageway is removed.

Thank you for assisting with the swift resolution of this issue and escalating it to the correct people within BCP and JDT to provide the answers.”

Always heartening to know we have been of assistance!

NEW WALLISDOWN ROAD FLOODS!!! 9am Saturday 5th December 2020:

Report from Cllr Hedges: FOUR LARGE BODIES OF STANDING WATER along the new stretch , two at the crossing (!!! ) opposite the Church and the other two on the other side , one between The Kings Arms and Norman Motors. Buses too, spraying puddles across the pavement at The Old Post Office.
HOW can a new road not have sufficient drainage?

Pedestrians and cyclists will be drenched on both sides as the bow waves are far reaching. These dangerous impediments are necessitating slalom-like driving tactics and a firm grip of the steering wheel is essential.
Please inspect this terrible failing at your earliest convenience.
My experience , frightening , was at 9am in both directions this Saturday morning , 5.12.2020.Subject: Fw: WWW WATER SLALOM - new Wallisdown Road:
Dear Mr Legg.
Can the inspectors have a look at this?
BCP Cllr Mark Anderson
Conservative Councillor for Queen's Park
Portfolio Holder for Environment, Cleansing & Waste

Subject: RE: WWW WATER SLALOM - new Wallisdown Road :
Cllr Anderson,
I’ll ask the inspector to do a visual check of gullies during this month’s inspections. To my knowledge there weren’t flooding issues prior to surfacing, but I could be wrong.

E-scooter rental trial for Bournemouth and Poole

A fleet of brand-new electric powered scooters will soon be available for hire across Bournemouth and Poole following approval for a trial in the area.

BCP Council is one of a number of local authorities across the country to be given permission by the Department for Transport (DfT) to run a controlled trial for type approved rental e-scooters only, which will assist the DfT’s national research into e-scooters. The initial trial is set to commence on 25 January 2021.

The e-scooters will provide an innovative, emission-free transport option for both residents and visitors to the area. The Beryl hire e-scooters can be ridden on all existing public roads in Bournemouth and Poole as well as on the expanding network of signed cycle lanes and cycle/shared-use facilities. They cannot be used on pedestrian pavements.

The initial operating zone of the trial is within Poole and Bournemouth only. This reflects the hillier nature of the two towns (which is ideal for e-scooters) and potential greater demand. An expansion into Christchurch can be considered at a later date as the scheme progresses.

Privately owned e-scooters remain illegal to use on public roads including in trial areas.

FENCING AT SLADES PARK (Rear of Learning Centre’s transformation to Longspee Special School Satellite Campus):

From the Planning Officer :
“Site notices went up originally last year around the Learning Centre but on reviewing the application it became clear to me that the fence would have a significant visual impact and land take from the path side that would affect users, usage, openness etc.

I chose to erect new site notices yesterday along the path to invite any comments or expressions of concern from people who might not have seen the originals. The area to be enclosed with the high security type fencing is for the use of those at the Learning Centre as dedicated outdoor space for them I gather. No pre-application advice was sought.At the moment I’ve no supporting statements explaining any more or justifying the extent and impacts, nor assessments of the openness affected, affected user groups or the landscape and trees and their protection. I’ve flagged my concerns and these have been requested and will go on the web when I get them to review.
The application will be going on for some time I expect and I further expect that revisions and reductions will have to be considered by the applicant in due course. Although technically it’s an ‘in-house’ application, it is being very carefully considered and no decision is imminent. I hope the above is useful in the meantime.”

“Subject: Boundary Roundabout - UpdateDear Councillors,
Works are progressing well at Boundary Roundabout and are still on schedule to be complete by the end of March 2021.
The carriageway surfacing works on Wallisdown Road are due to take place this Saturday, weather permitting, which will involve closing Wallisdown Road to all motorised traffic in both directions from 7am.  Works are likely to be completed by 4pm although we have advised that the closure will be in place until 7pm to allow for any unforeseen circumstances.  Advance roads signs have been in place since last week informing motorists of the closure and a diversion route will be signed, as per attached plans, during the works.
Letters informing residents of the closure will be delivered by end of play Wednesday and the closure information circulated via social media channels. The BCP consultation web page will also be updated to reflect the works progress.”

Project Engineer
Growth & Infrastructure


Our understanding is that a road surface condition survey was performed in January.

There are now about a dozen Households in Victoria Avenue with which we are in dialogue concerning their historic and ongoing concerns as to the potential and actual traffic accidents , the latest being a Police chase of a drunk driver late November 2020 where two walls were demolished and residents cars parked on their properties were damaged.
The “S Bend” nature of the centre section of Victoria Avenue would , of course , NOT catch drivers out at 29mph nor indeed if the requested “Twenty is Plenty” speed limit could be applied.“I have pleasure in attaching an update explaining the various actions we have taken to protect our colleagues and customers during the pandemic, whilst continuing to provide local transport for key workers and other travellers across our area, and working towards the post-Covid-19 recovery.

We are looking forward to the future with a high vaccination rate and lower risk, so that restrictions can be eased. We are talking to our partner local authorities across the area about ‘Recovery Partnerships’, which should allow us to continue with our vital networks whilst passenger demand continues to recover, and most importantly, will enable us to revert to our successful commercial, growth-led approach, which can play such an important part in the country’s recovery. To this end, we are planning, along with the wider bus industry, an extensive marketing campaign for when restrictions are eased. I would very much welcome your support for this campaign.

Our employees have behaved magnificently during the pandemic and have overcome personal fear and anxiety to keep communities moving for essential journeys, which of course now include travel for the vital vaccination. Our staff is at the front-line of providing this travel, and urgently need to be vaccinated themselves. I am pleased to report that almost all our front-line employees on the Isle of Wight have already received their first vaccination, and I ask for your support in achieving the same for our staff in every other part of the company.

I hope you find this update useful. Please do contact me at if you would like any further information.”

Andrew Wickham    |    Managing Director    |    Go South Coast

Direct dial 01202 688726 email

Towngate House | 2-8 Parkstone Road | Poole | Dorset | BH15 2PR

The go south coast family is
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Resort Management Taskforce planned for Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole
As spring and summer approach, it is important we are fully prepared and ready to both welcome back visitors and keep residents safe when government guidance changes.

A resort management taskforce will make sure Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole are fully prepared and ready to both welcome back visitors and keep residents safe when government guidance changes.

With a focus on the town centres, open spaces, seafront and beaches, the summer ready taskforce will put in place and manage:

extra civil enforcement officers to issue penalty charge notices for those parking illegally
additional tow away operations to deal with irresponsible parking
expansion of the ranger team with more staff in place across the season to welcome back visitors, keep our beaches clean and safe, and provide a greater security presence
enhanced security teams to patrol key town centre locations, car parks, beaches and open spaces
extra waste bins in heavy footfall areas, and
Additional waste collection services along the seafront.
Face book Live Q&A with Cllr Drew Mellor, Leader of BCP Council, - 17 February 2021 - YouTube

Information collated by Mr Dobbs:

“In case you are not aware, we thought you might appreciate a heads up concerning a planning application that has been re-submitted to BCP Council Planning to install a 20m (65ft) 5G tower on the recreational green at the end of Talbot Road adjacent to Talbot Roundabout. The aspect of the indicative photograph above is a very close actual representation of what this mast will look like in context of our neighbourhood.

Key Information

BCP Planning Website:
Current Planning Application No: 7-2021-18550-NE
Rejected Planning Application (Oct 2020) No: 7-2020-18550-MY
Installation of a 20-metre-high monopole supporting 6 antennas, 2 transmission dishes & 4 ground level equipment cabinets.
Unless an elected Councillor agrees to “call in” this application, the decision to grant (or reject) it rests solely with powers delegated to BCP Planning Officers.
In their supporting documents, the applicant has ticked the form indicating they have undertaken Neighbourhood and Community Consultation. The extent of this public consultation appears to be limited to small laminated statutory notices put on lampposts near to the proposed site back in September/October 2020.
Deadline for online objections: 12th March 2021

You can comment on this planning application by visiting the aforementioned BCP website. Previous objections include concerns over:

Aesthetics: Aesthetic impact on the area was the primary reason the previous application was rejected. The only fundamental differences in the re-application are an offer to the Council to vary the colour of the mast and the inclusion of a tree specialist’s report which the Applicant commissioned.

BCP's Planning Case Officer rejected the Applicant’s first submission back in October 2020 citing the following reasons:

"The new 20 metre mast and associated equipment proposed, by reason of its size, bulk, design, height and prominent position, would form an overly intrusive and visually dominant addition that would be harmful to the character and appearance of the area. In addition, the applicant has failed to demonstrate that the development would not have any adverse impact on the long-term retention of protected trees which could have a detrimental impact on the character and appearance of the area if lost".

Public Health and Safety: The UK public is divided on whether this Government's ambitious roll out of 5G is safe in terms of public health. In the Applicant's submission it states:

"International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection public compliance is determined by mathematical calculation and implemented by careful location of antennas, access restrictions and/or barriers and signage as necessary. Members of the public cannot unknowingly enter areas close to the antennas where exposure may exceed the relevant guidelines".

Regrettably, this Government's 2019 National Planning Policy Framework states that Local Planning Authorities (LPAs) are not allowed to consider health and safety of 5G in their deliberations.

Property Values: Previous objectors have argued that the saleability and re-sell value of their properties in the local vicinity will be impacted should this application be granted permission.

Regrettably, this Government's 2019 National Planning Policy Framework states that Local Planning Authorities (LPAs) are not allowed to consider impact of 5G mast installations on property values in their deliberations.

If you’d rather not see this mast installed in the neighbourhood, please spend a few minutes reading objections already submitted by your fellow neighbours and hopefully you will want to add your voice of concerns.”

Thanks are due for the raising of this issue by a regular WWW Public Forum attendee who lives near the potential siting point of this 5G ‘mast’ which is actually NOT in WWW Ward but T&BW Ward.
(It is very close to his home though.)

All five Conservative Councillors for both Wards are aware and working so seek equitable solutions to address the concerns about this renewed application.




There are areas of WWW Ward that have ‘Uni time’ parking restrictions – all requested and approved by Residents in each area some years or even decades ago – but with many at home working or shielding or indeed recovering from Covid , tickets have been issued when these breaches have occurred for whatever reasons……

Ward Councillors are in discussions with parking and the Parking & Enforcement Portfolio Holder , to seek any potential degree of leniency or understanding when Appeals will be lainched despite tickets being legally and properly issued……


”Dear Councillors.We are looking to install the play equipment into Slades Farm in early April.Unfortunately there have been delays to this work because of both Brexit and Covid 19. We are working through a list of play park improvements across Bournemouth funded through CIL which have now started.”
PARKS Foundation Manager                                                                       1st March 2021

Subject: RE: Litter bins at Slades Farm Skatepark

Parks have been talking about this with Skaters for a while now and will be putting in a refurbished bin soon in the location as shown on the plan (as agreed with a group of skate park users). The plan is to try a refurbished bin as in the past the old bin in this location was set fire to a number of times.

Parks Area Officer
Environmental Services

From: Councillor Jackie Edwards <>
Sent: 01 March 2021 11:11
Cc: Councillor Nigel Hedges <>; Councillor Susan Phillips <

Subject: Fw: Litter bins at Slades Farm Skatepark

A resident has emailed me ( see below) about the lack of litter bins in Slades Park near the skate park. Is there a possibility the Council could provide litter bins near the Skate Park?

I have cc'd Councillor Hedge and Phillips as Slades Park is in their Ward. I will of course be replying to the resident and if there is a chance of litter bin or bins, he will be I am sure delighted.                        Cllr Jackie Edwards , Redhill & Northbourne Ward.”


Subject: Victoria Park Picnic area – uneven slabs :

Good morning Councillors,

The slabs to the picnic table area near the club house have now been removed and replaced with a macadam surface. This surface is not only a cheaper option now and in the long term, but will also be a safer option with regards to ground levels/trip points
Technical Officer
Parks Department
Environment Parks

Ward Councillors’ thanks to the Resident in Victoria Avenue who reported this issue two weeks previously.

Again , Ward Councillors’ thanks to the Resdient in Daws Avenue who reported this issue and over a protracted period we have been able to get the planting reinstated and other expected measures.

The Home Library Service continues with the doorstep deliveries in partnership with the Royal Voluntary Service. Contact 01202 547879 or email

We are very pleased to let you know that Winton Library and Ensbury Park Library will be restarting Order & Collect and reservation services for public in March.

Public libraries are permitted to provide contactless takeaway services under the Government's Covid Regulations. We paused the service in January as a local decision due to the high local Covid rate at that time.

Winton Library will be open for Order & Collect for the interim Covid hours from Monday 22nd March

Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri: 9:30am - 12:30pm / 2pm - 5pm 

Wednesday: Closed                                                    Saturday: 9:30am - 1pm

Ensbury Park Library will be open for Order & Collect for the interim Covid hours from Tuesday 30th March:

      Tuesdays   2pm – 5pm                                        Fridays      2pm – 5pm

The Home Library Service doorstep deliveries and the free online resources - such as eBooks, e-audiobooks, e-newspapers, e-magazines, and Ancestry online - continue. 

Libraries are in Step 2 of the Government's roadmap so can open for visits and activities in person no earlier than 12th April 2021.



Councillors’ Report “January” 2021


Stakeholder Update

An update from David Squire, Managing Director5 March 2021Schools returning from Monday 8 March 2021

Although we’ve been operating school services throughout the latest lockdown, for the children of key workers and those deemed vulnerable, all students will return from next Monday.

As a result, all school buses will be fully back to normal timetables, additionally to support the continued requirement for social distancing, a large number of duplicate buses will operate, once again funded by the Department for Education, as details of these services are available on our website,

Covid vaccinations

A large scale vaccination centre has been set up at the BIC, next to the Pier in Bournemouth Town Centre. Most of our routes stop outside the BIC, or on Westover Road/ Gervis Place, where it is a short walk through the Lower Gardens to reach the BIC. For seniors, whose free ENCTS pass commences at 0930, we’ve introduced a special single fare of £1.80 if you need to get to an appointment prior to 0930.

Working with Public Health Dorset, around two thirds of our staff have now received their first dose vaccination with the remainder following this month. Additionally, the Department for Transport is working with us to supply lateral flow testing kits so that our staff can be regularly tested going forwards.

Lansdowne Regeneration

Work on this important scheme, commences on 15 March, with a full closure of Holdenhurst Road between Lansdowne and ASDA Roundabouts, this first phase closure will last until 23 July.

There will be a number of temporary bus stops in use, and construction will also begin on a new permanent outbound stop on Old Christchurch Road, near to O’Neill’s pub.

Transforming Cities Fund update

Work continues behind the scenes, with public consultations currently on-going for the cycle routes, whilst a lot of detailed design work is currently underway for the two bus corridors; Poole to Bearwood and Bearwood to Christchurch via Castle Lane and RBH, expect to see more on these in coming weeks.

Summer of events
Now badged as Festival Coast Live, BCP have announced a summer of events for residents and visitors, Bournemouth 7’s and Christchurch Food Festival have also now advised revised dates, both being the August Bank Holiday weekend.

Boscombe Regeneration

We were delighted to hear the announcement this week that funding of £21.7M has been granted from the Towns Fund for Boscombe Town Centre regeneration, this will see a re-purposing of the central area, with the creation of a town square, new housing, and demolition of the Sovereign Centre. A new through road will be created which will move buses closer to the main shopping area, whilst the bus station area will disappear as part of the regeneration project.

Coming soon!

Our open-top services will be launching on Good Friday on a reduced frequency, with the Summer season starting once lockdown restrictions are further relaxed in May from Whitsun.

This year we are running two open-top services, the existing route 12 from Alum Chine to Boscombe Pier via Bournemouth Centre, will be complimented by new route 11 which will operate from Bournemouth Pier to Boscombe, Hengistbury Head, Christchurch and Mudeford, once again linking many tourist areas that have not had direct links for some years.

Our Travel Shop will reopen along with other non-essential retail from Monday 12 April, until then our staff remain available both on the phone and online to answer queries and reunite customers with lost property.

My next update will be next month, we will also be introducing a quarterly stakeholder newsletter to keep you fully informed of our latest developments from this Summer.

Have you got your census letter?
Over the next week or so you will be sent a letter asking you to take part in the Census 2021 - the once-in-a-decade survey that gives the most accurate estimate of all the people and households in England and Wales. It has been carried out every decade since 1801, with the exception of 1941.

Census day is on 21 March, but households will now be receiving letters explaining how to complete your forms. You will receive a 16-character access code which you will need to complete the census. Remember not to share this code with anyone else.

If you don’t receive your letter in the next couple of weeks, please call the census contact centre on 0800 141 2021. You can also request a paper questionnaire if you’d prefer to complete your census that way.

For more information, and to find out how to get help, visit or call the contact centre on 0800 141 2021.

LATE MARCH PS : Home of Multiple Occupation and Care Providers

This is from a Team Manager , Children’s Operational and Strategic Commissioning :

“I can confirm that we do have a semi independent provider in the Redhill area who offers accommodation and support to the above cohorts.  The property is not a HMO.  I would reiterate the comments from the provider which have been received, we have a positive provider / commissioner relationship and I have not received any concerns directly from residents in the Redhill area.  This provider has achieved positive outcomes for the young people we have placed.  It is important to note that other Local Authorities are also able to place young people with this provider.

I have not received any evidence which states the ASB within the area is directly linked to the provision above.

Guidance on HMO’s can be found on the Borough’s website, I have for information included this below.

If your property is let to five or more tenants from more than one household, some or all of the tenants share toilet, bathroom or kitchen facilities and at least one tenant pays rent, then your property will be considered as a large HMO and will need a licence.  There are a number of regulations which need to be complied with when applying for a licence, these are detailed in ‘The Licensing of Houses in Multiple Occupation (Mandatory Conditions of Licences) (England) Regulations 2018.

I am aware that the Provider of No 12 Redhill Avenue has been in contact and offered to engage with colleagues and the community, I am more than happy to form part of any communications or joint working to ensure our commissioned provision is not adversely affecting the local area.”

Team Manager, Access to Resources Team
(Responsible for all Children’s
Operational and Strategic Commissioning)


From Talbot Village Trust :

Developments by Talbot Village Trust at Highmoor Farm and the Talbot Quarter

Talbot Village Trust has recently submitted its application for a Heathland Support Area comprising 4 separate parcels of land at Highmoor Farm.

The Heathland Support Area will be a major new area of greenspace, designed to reduce pressure on Talbot Heath including from future development within the Talbot Quarter itself. The area covers 12 hectares and the application includes proposals for future laying out and management, including a Management Plan.

A plan showing the area is below, and the application can be viewed on BCP Council’s website using the following link:

The application reference is 21/00098/F

Map removed…..

The Trust is also working with BCP Council and the Preserve Talbot Heath group to install a series of interpretation boards on Talbot Heath. These will provide information about the Heath and its wildlife, suggest walking routes, and other visitor information on how the sensitive heathland can be protected. Artwork for the boards is now designed and it is hoped that the boards will be installed by the early summer.

The Trust has completed its winter management of the Heath, and is again discussing the return of cattle grazing on parts of the Heath this summer following a successful trial last year. Stock fencing has also been erected on parts of Highmoor Farm to allow safe grazing of stock on parts of the farm.

We continue to attend regular monthly liaison meetings with representatives of the Trust to keep up to date with the latest developments.

Simon Trueick BA (Hons), DipTP, MRTPI Director of Planning 07704-497137

“WE” have an issue with a/some property/properties potentially becoming HMOs for people with “mental health issues” which cross borders with WWW and neighbouring Wards.
There is a Council List of Licensed HMOs ( House of Multiple Occupancy ) which may be on interest to you ( 190 pages ! ) :

Guidance on HMO’s can be found on the Borough’s website, I have for information included this below.

If your property is let to five or more tenants from more than one household, some or all of the tenants share toilet, bathroom or kitchen facilities and at least one tenant pays rent, then your property will be considered as a large HMO and will need a licence.  There are a number of regulations which need to be complied with when applying for a licence, these are detailed in ‘The Licensing of Houses in Multiple Occupation (Mandatory Conditions of Licences) (England) Regulations 2018.

FINAL Postscript:

What we are working on at present – destined to be in the next report:

·         Safety on the path at the back of Albion Woods bordering Glenmoor Playing Fields – suggestion from a young Resident to see better lighting in this area.

·         Victoria Avenue: continuing efforts to see speed calming measures on this road. Liaising with the concerned Residents there.

·         The new road surface and roundabout configuration will reduce accidents numbers. Concerns continue to come in for the dual carriageway section with Residents asking for very clear “30mph” signage and other measures to remind drivers about excess speed.



Councillor Susan Phillips, The Worshipful Mayor of Bournemouth 2019-2021 and myself, Councillor Nigel Hedges, wish you all a speedy return to (the new?) “Normal” and we have done our best to ensure issues, problems and everyday queries and questions are answered and where within our power ‘resolved’.

And indeed we always endeavour to share the GOOD news with our Residents.

We pay tribute to all our BCP Colleagues and BCP Officers and Staff who have been faced with incredible challenges in the last year or more