latest feedback from resident , Beswick Avenue :

Subject: latest feedback from resident , Beswick Avenue :

Dear Insp. Graham.

I am greatly assured that the Police are working in Beswick Avenue and we all thank you for that.

However , I think we all still need to hear , and see , some positive action as the responses from our Residents continue to come back in after our WWW Public Forum report was sent out :

“Thank you for inclusion in the info re Beswick Ave. The Police ‘report’,  as I suspected, did very little to reassure that they are getting off their bums and doing something.
This “no units available” is ludicrous especially when they can send 15+? Police cars to the hospital to applaud the NHS. ( Something I’m all for but not what seemed to be the whole damned fleet!),

Last weekend I actually had a deal go off right in front of my gates and only hours later a black Audi parked up Mobile conversation so loud that it could be heard in my flat!
The conversation? – “where’s my effing stuff ?”. Sure enough 5 mins later chap in black hoody and mask cycled up to car window to do the deal.

Half an hour later I saw him doing exactly the same outside the CO-OP!

I tried to take a photograph from behind the hedge but sadly it isn’t clear enough to be of any use.

I know you are all doing everything to try and arrange more surveillance/Police patrols but I am of the belief that the Police are not supporting Councillors nor the community.

Thank you for keeping me up to date and for the work you are all doing to try and remove  this drug disease from our neighbourhood.”

It is sad to hear this from our Residents. I appreciate this is not unique to just WWW Ward…….
It seems to be the numbers of ‘sightings’ and ‘reports’ and the daylight blatency of this type of behaviour that seems to be shaking our Residents’ confidence in the Police , which worries and pains me.

I am sure our dialigue will continue.

Best regards ,

Councillor Nigel P. Hedges
BCP Council
Wallisdown and Winton West Ward
Day : Bourne Engraving
1 Granville Place
off Yelverton Road
Bournemouth BH1 1DP

Tel : (mon-sat) 01202 555922

(Mobile) : 07941 562886


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