Minutes of the RESIDENTS PUBLIC MEETING Saturday 18TH May 2019

The Chairperson introduced Clive Nelson of Active Dorset, who welcomed everyone to the meeting in the new Slades Farm Pavilion. Although we are holding this public meeting today, the official opening will be Bank Holiday Monday 27th May 2019.

Clive explained to everyone that the new Slades Farm Pavilion is for the residents in the area and also residents within the new BCP Council. The future of the Pavilion is to be occupied by volunteers organising outside sports. The Pavilion will be closely monitored with a security system. Clive highlighted the Fire Exits from the building in the event of an incident. He informed the residents that the building had been relocated from London a year ago and the BCP Council have given Active Dorset a 30 year lease. The future sports, football, cricket and cycling are the future activities at Slades Farm supported by Active Dorset and BCP Council.

The lighting up of Slades Farm and around the Pavilion also the Skate Park is a challenge. The choice is to floodlight all night long or is darkness a better choice?

APOLOGIES: Cllr Nigel Hedges, Chris Caley, Alan Perkins, Erika Sloper and Peter Herbert (Head of St. Johns School.)

Minutes of previous meeting were accepted and proposed by Cllr Susan Philips, 2nd by Mrs Sylvia Blunt.

Cllr Nigel Hedges report was read out by Cllr Susan Phillips on his behalf.

There are copies available that Cllr Hedges wished you to take home with you.

The complete document will be on our website.

Cllr Susan Phillips paid tribute to Cllr Nicola Greene for all her work and dedication to the ward, help and assistance from when she became a

Cllr in 2011. Since the restructuring of the three Councils into BCP Council, Cllr Nicola Greene, who was one of our Ward Councillors under BBC, is now an elected Councillor in the BCP Council.

Cllr Susan Phillips mentioned the CIF (Community Improvement Fund) and informed the residents that suggestions would be welcomed for improvements in our ward. I.E. water fountain outside the Pavilion with a doggy bowl for thirsty dogs!

Cllr Susan Phillips was asked if there are active Dog Wardens within the BCP Council. Dog poo is a big problem on Slades Farm, a resident highlighted that an estimation of 200 dogs a day use Slades Farm Open Spaces and Cllr Susan Phillips informed the residents that we only have one Dog Warden in the BCP Council so it’s impossible to be everywhere at the same time. We need to re-educate the public. Possibly volunteers. Cllr Susan Phillips referred to litter picking with Cllr Nigel Hedges where several empty spirit bottles were found in the bushes. Cllr Susan Phillips added that she and Cllr Nigel Hedges are willing to do a litter pick if needed. Last year local residents did a litter pick on Slades Farm due to the large amount of plastic left behind in an untidy fashion. Cllr Susan Phillips informed the residents that if similar `litter picks’ are organised, and we have informed the Council, they can arrange for the litter to be collect. A resident commented that there is a lack of bins. Cllr Susan Phillips added that she had a bin secured near the Skate Park which was burnt out within 2 nights. Suggestion of suitable bins were given. The cost of these bins can cost thousands of pounds, especially if you require more bins within the new BCP Council.

Parking meters that have been installed in the Slades Farm Car Park were vandalised within a few weeks at a cost of, £1,000 per meter to be refurbished.

A resident commented on speed limit zones in Poole of 20 mph and was interested to know if there were any plans to extend these within Bournemouth. Glenmoor Road residents experience cars speeding through to the University. The only response to suggestions of traffic calming is based on statistics such as”fatalities”.

Graffiti was highlighted, by one of the residents on the pavements from Boundary Road and Talbot Rise, also near to the Velodrome.

Suggested Improvements to the Conservation Area footpath, between Talbot Rise to St Marks as promised. Would any CIF money be available to improve as there are tripping hazards with tree roots?

Cllr Susan Phillips has noted this.

A resident asked for drains to be cleared in Hazel Ave, Kingsbere Ave and Forsythe Gdns due to flooding when there is a heavy rain fall.

Priestly Rd / Columbia Trees Lane ‘rat – run’ is very dangerous as cars are using this as cut through from Columbia Rd. It was hoped that the

Pedestrian Crossing installed on Columbia Rd would help this situation. Commercial vehicles don’t seem to take any notice of `speed ramps’.

High speed on Columbia Rd is another issue some cars are going through red lights at pedestrian crossings.

In Regard of vehicles travelling in Columbia Trees Lane, officers have been present, but have not witnessed speeding.

Cllr Susan Phillips will revisit and ask for their presence between

7.30 – 9.00 a.m. Monday to Friday.

Is it now illegal to Park on pavements?

Police Officers present informed residents that yellow lines are the responsibility of BCP Council. Parking on pavements is a Police matter where they will issue a Parking Ticket for this Offence if they are aware. Cars should not park within 5-10 metres of a corner at any junction. A resident inquired on the New BCP Council whether they have more resources now that three councils have merged into one. There is a telephone number for reporting problem parking; 01202 451199 or online to save time.

A possible reason for traffic problems could be the work on the A338 having a knock on effect. A leaflet is available, My Safer Bournemouth, has helpful information online.

Its felt some traffic problems are due to cars being driven by students to and from Bournemouth University and parking in Ensbury Avenue Monday to Friday.

The general consensus is that we need restrictive parking on one side of Ensbury Avenue during the hours of 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. Monday – Friday from the junction of Gorscliffe Road to Slades Farm Road.

Beswick Avenue and Gorscliffe junction is a race track from 7.30 a.m. during the school year. A resident’s car has been hit twice by staff members travelling to school. The resident is requesting traffic calming along Beswick Avenue for two reasons, the junction with Gorscliffe Road and the vulnerability of vehicles parked both sides of the road towards the school entrance.

Mr. Darryl Tidd and Mr. Richard Henshaw from Talbot Village Trust discussed plans for White Farm. Talbot Village Trust is a charity which owns the woodland and St Marks School. The Charity has donated up to £1 million in any one year to local causes and consider requests for local projects.

Regarding White Farm originally owned by the trust late 1800’s was purchased by the council. Now the buildings are the responsibility of Talbot Village Trustees. Following an open consultation there is a plan to accommodate a supported living scheme. This will provide independent

unit living for adults with learning difficulties. This is yet to be concluded and developments will take its course as it evolves. There will be limited traffic in and out. The only personnel visiting would be staff and carers. There are ongoing consultations with the council regarding footpaths, tree roots and restoring the building to its original appearance of the early 1900’s.

A resident inquired about the 10 year old plan.

PCSO Police Sgt Kennie Wilson and PCSO Roslyn Curtis attended the meeting to update on reports of motorcycles reported racing around Slades Farm Open Spaces. They gave statistical comparisons from last year and this year for antisocial activities with motorcycles. Our Police team will endeavour to focus on antisocial behaviour with the expectations of elimination. They wish to express the importance of recording all incidents involving antisocial behaviour by emailing: mysaferbournemouth.com or email 101

Residents raised the following matters with them on drug dealing, thefts from allotments and antisocial behaviour such as illegal substances being smoked in the allotments. The Police are keen to get on top of this.

Residents can take a picture of vehicle registration numbers which can then be acted on. The My Safer Bournemouth leaflet will have telephone numbers, email addresses and Facebook information for all the necessary contacts for any incidents.

The Chairperson thanked the Sgt Kennie Wilson and PC Roslyn Curtis for their contribution to the meeting and thanking all attendees for their contributions to the meeting as well.

Meeting closed at 12.05 p.m.

Next meeting will be Saturday 27th July 2019 at Ensbury Park Community Centre

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