Current team for Northbourne and Wallisdown: 1 Inspector Danny Tamblyn, 1 Sergeant Lewis Bailey, 2 Police Constables Joy Atkins and Scott Janes and 2 Police community support officers.

·         We remain committed to protecting the vulnerable residents within our community, this is to include protecting the victims of cuckooing and disrupting the damage that suspects cause to their victims and the wider community.

·         We are continuing to manage the ongoing Anti-Social behaviour occurring in Noble Close via a Multi-Agency approach.

·         Face to face meetings are now starting to take place again following the lifting of restrictions. If you would like us to attend an event, please let us know the details. 

·         We have recently been working on a community project to install another CCTV camera. This has now been set up and is positioned on the Redhill gyratory facing towards Columbia Road Co-Op. This will be reviewed in 3-4 months.

·         We have recently attended Glenmoor and Winton schools and took part in a presentation with an Urban Youth specialist whose presentation was geared towards educating parents in how to keep their children out of county lines and organised crime. We issued leaflets to all parents with regards to county lines and when you would contact the police.

·         We have conducted speed checks in the local area in response to concerns raised by local residents. We will continue to adopt this approach to help keep our roads safe and will be conducting checks at different times of the day to enable a broader approach.

·         Slades Farm remains a quarterly priority for us and we will continue to adopt a pro-active approach in response to concerns raised from local residents, specifically regarding drug dealing at the pond and anti-social behaviour. With regards to the WWW councillors quarterly report – we would like to make a request that the residents who receive the report are encouraged to contact the police with times/dates etc. so that we can have information led patrols. Please can they provide information using the 101@dorset.pnn.police.uk address.

·         We are working with the community to help set up a neighbourhood watch approach in the Forsyth Gardens/Slades Farm area. This initiative is in its infancy at present.

·         Regularly, over 100 people run on Sunday morning at 0900 hours in Slades Farm – Junior Park Run. We are looking to have officers attend at the same time to encourage interaction with our younger members of the community.

We have been heavily involved in the last few months with regards to child safeguarding, using a multi-agency approach to solve both long term and short-term problems with our most vulnerable members of the community.

Councillor Nigel P. Hedges

BCP Council

Wallisdown and Winton West Ward

Day : Bourne Engraving

1 Granville Place

off Yelverton Road

Bournemouth BH1 1DP

Tel : (mon-sat) 01202 555922

(Mobile) : 07941 562886

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