Minutes of the Residents Public Meeting Saturday 27th July 2019

Chairperson welcomed everyone to the meeting and gave evacuation procedures.

Apologies; Cllr Susan Phillips, Amanda Nichols, Sgt. Guy Nicholas, Carmel Bending, Erika Sloper, Ben Antell, Peter Herbert, Chris Caley, Keith Johns, Mrs.Gillian Hart, Jamie Fish, Ruth Martindell, Sam Way and Cllr Jackie Edwards.

    Minutes from last meeting were proposed by Roy Patten and Seconded by Mrs. Payne

Matters arising from the minutes – none.

Chairperson introduced P.C. Joy Atkins and PCSO Susie Elliott who were able to give updates from previous concerns. Good news regarding motor bikes and excess noise at Redhill Park. A number of letters have been sent out and residents are pleased with the outcome. Our NPT are now concentrating on Slades Park.

Good results recently with two Warrants, Sept and April. This individual has been a challenge to deal with, as it appears to be a drug related situation in social housing accommodation. This will be a positive outcome in the near future.

Cllr Hedges welcomed neighbouring Cllr Karen Rampton of Talbot Woods Ward and Cllr Stephen Bartlett who represents Redhill and Northbourne with Cllr Jackie Edwards, who was unable to attend this meeting today.

Cllr Hedges praised the local NPT over recent issues with motorcycles on Slades Park and the antisocial behaviour within the area. The response and engagement of the Neighbourhood Policing Team has been very encouraging with Active Dorset, Parks Dept and Talbot Village Trust. The director of TVT Daryl Tidd is aware of the access points, to and from the park, which are causing some problems. There is progress being made on this matter.

Re:  Vehicle Vandalism – Beswick Avenue has been highlighted and this is being monitored by local residents who are concerned about the area they are living in. The Area Forum Meetings are a success in highlighting residents’ issues.

Public Toilets – Cllr Hedges has been in communication with Aldi hoping to secure the opening of the public toilets in Old Mulberry Close after presenting a petition. This involved the signatures of 150 individuals who regularly visit the store.

`Litter Picking` has been taking place within our ward spearheaded by The Mayor, Cllr Susan Phillips and Cllr Nigel Hedges. Hundreds of bottles, 3 knives, bags of dogs mess and an ironing board were amongst the haul this time. The good news is that these areas are now on the Council’s Radar.

Recently we lost a number of trees in our ward due to felling, including a 100 year old oak. There seemed to be no preservation order in place which seems a shame when trees are so valuable. Cllr Hedges has concerns in this respect and plans to communicate with officials on these matters. A resident raised concerns about parking difficulties in the area and asked why the students aren’t parking at BU. This is an ongoing issue since Cllr Hedges was elected as a representative to our ward. Cllr Hedges informed the meeting that BU is encouraging students to use public transport. There were various ideas suggested. 

Heavily focused on ASB and ‘Cuckooing’ and organised Crime which is an issue in Dorset due to exploitation from outside our County. Recently, residents informed Dorset Police of concerns which resulted in a successful result.

 ASB in Forsythe Gardens following concerns from residents, experienced a successful result recently, at a particular address. The council are now taking steps with the intention of an eviction.

Slades Park  – ASB on motorcycles.  Police patrol the Park as often as possible. Registrations are really helpful and this proved productive at Redhill Park.  Letters issued have proved successful. Some motorcycles are not displaying registration plates and there are many exits creating a challenge for Police Officers to arrest offenders. A Traffic Officer has helped with suggestions, and recommendations have now been discussed to try and resolve these issues. Signs are now in place at Slades Park informing motorcyclists of section 59. Help from residents who witness ASB activities should inform the Police, with dates, times, registrations and clothing. They should inform by email on 101@dorset.pnn.police.uk  This will enable the police to act on these concerns when they have a number of sightings  identifying any individuals.   Email is a far more productive approach to informing police of non urgent matters, the alternative is by phoning 101, but you must be patient!

A resident suggested that maybe the camera sited on the car park could be focused towards the area where motorcyclists and other groups congregate. There would be a record of activities, which may include drug dealing.

Chairperson introduced Cllr Nigel Hedges.

Cllr Hedges thanked residents for taking a keen interest in their particular areas and said that both he and Cllr Susan Phillips are committed to supporting these ward meetings for continued two way information, which assists with any issues that need to be heard. With the Local Government Reorganisation some Ward Boundaries have changed within the BCP Council.

Cllr Hedges requested emails from residents to him and Cllr Phillips on their concerns so that they can pursue them between meetings.

 Talbot Village Association expressed the success of residents coming together in large numbers and with the help of ward Councillors. A positive result was achieved, an 80% response from a local survey in respect of road safety where they live.

The residents living in Daws Avenue, Priestly Road and Kingsbere Avenue are likely to notice an increase in traffic due to the Wallisdown Road improvements over the next few months. Please be aware of the traffic calming on these roads, speeding could cause damage to the vehicle.

Cllr Hedges gave his thanks to the residents in attendance and for their contributions in the discussions on various ward issues.

Chairperson thanked Cllr Hedges and announced that we have an the A.G.M. Chairperson informed the meeting that all three Committee Officers are willing to continue with the Area Forum until the next  AGM as there were no other nominations. There was a unanimous support from the residents.

The Chairperson introduced Guest Speakers

  Graham and JuneTuffin from Talbot Village Community Speed Watch.

Graham explained that this is an American idea and that they set up here in 2013 with Dorset Police. The objective of the scheme is for driver awareness on driving where pedestrians are present. Speed can kill.   The teams are run by volunteers with the support of Dorset Police. This scheme is helpful in a number of ways. It assists the Police with intelligence on motoring in general.  In Local areas, residents respect that something is being done to reduce speed. There are 66 teams in Dorset. The Community Speed Watch Team collaborates between Residents, Parish Councils and Police. The team for a survey to record the speed of traffic in a chosen area requires just three or four people. If a driver is travelling more than 35 mph in a Speed Watch Survey, they will receive a response from Dorset Police.

 Graham introduced his wife June to continue with the presentation. June explained the logistics of the Watches and the equipment used to log and record speeds. She also emphasised that the safety of volunteers and drivers was very important. June also gave lots of helpful information on the practicalities of running a Speed Watch Team. Both Graham and June offered to help any new groups wishing to set up a team and suggested coming along to see their Team in action in the future.

Chairperson thanked Graham and June for their presentation.

The Chairperson asked Cllr. Stephen Bartlett who informed the residents that the bus stop on the junction of Redhill Drive and Coombe Avenue will to be relocated to make it more `user` friendly.  Templeman House previously a Care Home has now closed and is boarded up. He is on the understanding that it could be demolished for new homes, but this has yet to be decided.

Cllr. Karen Rampton was pleased to have been invited to the meeting and that it was very informative and would like to attend future RPMs’.

Chairperson thanked both Cllr’s and residents for their contribution to the meeting. He closed the meeting at 12.10.

Next meeting Saturday19th October 2019 at 10.30 am in The Rooper Hall.

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