Subject: WWW Litter Pick this morning…Councillor Nigel P. Hedges

Dear All.

My Covid 19 Lockdown daily exercise this morning at 7.30am was litter picking along Wallisdown Road from the frontage along Old Talbot Village ( my Ward’s side of the road ) up to Wallisdown Roundabout and back down from Tesco Express there on the Talbot & Branksome Woods Ward side. Very little if any on the latter …….

This was prompted by a report from a WW Resident in Glenmoor Road.


·         I have never seen so many discarded rubber gloves and face masks* – outnumbering the bags of dog poo ( poem attached below for your amusement , by John Kaye ).
( *There are always pants and socks of course ).

·         There is a broken ( bio hazard ! ) food caddy bin outside/outside No.122 Wallisdown Road looking towards the bus stop. I have moved it out and emptied it. (Picture attached).

·         Next to the food caddy is one of the four road works’ bags of sand which have ‘roamed’……can these be collected please ( along with a rogue traffic cone base plate that is against the bank in front of one of the cottages nearer the church entrance ) ?

·         Pavements on the WWW side : what has been done so far is SUPERB ! Smooth and even – so no deep puddles for pedestrians to navigate anymore along WWW side of this busy road !

“The Little Bag of Poo”

“From Winton down to Moordown you can trace them as they go,
From Waitrose up to Wilco’s with their canine friends in tow,
Always watchful, always ready, always knowing what to do,
They scoop it up and stick it in their little bags of poo.

Down the rec’ there is a geezer who is nobody’s fool,
He’s savvy and he’s streetwise and he likes to play it cool,
You can tell him by his piercings and his Devil’s head tattoo,
And the way he holds his Pitbull and his little bag of poo.

The grockles in their glory come down south to get some sun,
They bring their four-legged friends along to join in with the fun,
They congregate along the prom then nip in for a brew,
With their lolling, panting, pooches and their little bags of poo.

The kids from the inner cities flock down to the beach,
To fill their lungs with oxygen so often out of reach, they’re hipping
and they’re hopping and they’ve brought along their crew,
their boxers and their bitches and their little bags of poo.

The Cherries in the Premier League are always on the ball,
They’re dog tired when the whistle blows having given of their all,
When the cameras have been packed away and the interviews are through
Eddie Howe is off to walk the dog with his little bag of poo.

The hippies in their kaftans are chilling down the pier,
The new wave violent rappers are drilling us with fear,
But they all get on together when they feel the morning dew
On their Afghans and Can Corsos and their little bags of poo.

When HRH drops in to get her Dorset cream tea,
She does a lot of waving and shaking hands you see,
After a hard day at the coal face, once safely out of view,
She’s off to walk the corgis with her little bag of poo.

When the end of days comes to us and the Air Show is no more,
And the artificial surf reef has been washed up on the shore,
When the living dead storm Castle Point be sure it will be true
You can bet there’ll be a zombie with a little bag of poo.

John Kaye , Poet – originally from Manchester.”

Stay safe , stay well , and we WILL meet again !
Councillor Nigel P. Hedges
BCP Council
Wallisdown and Winton West Ward
Day : Bourne Engraving
1 Granville Place
off Yelverton Road
Bournemouth BH1 1DP
Tel : (mon-sat) 01202 555922
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