WWW Ward Public Forum – Police Report (read out at the meeting):

Last Quarter 2021
Current Team for Northbourne and Wallisdown: 1 Inspector Danny Tamblyn 1 Sergeant Lewis Bailey 2 Police Constable Joy Atkins and Danny Moore and 2 Police Community Support Officers Susie Elliott and Rachael Buller.
· Inspector Tamblyn is moving teams and will be moving to manage Poole NPT of Monday 24th January 2022
We remain committed to protecting the vulnerable residents within our community , this is to include protecting the victims of cuckooing and disrupting the damages that suspects cause to their victims and the wider community. This has recently been the case at Silver Jubilee Court , Canford Avenue , where persons from London were displaced from an address and is being closely monitored by police and housing.
We are continuing to manage the ongoing Anti-Social behaviour occurring in Noble Close via a Multi-Agency approach.
Face to face meetings are continuing to take place. If you would like us to attend an event , please let us know the details.
Our PCSOs are increasing their community engagements to 2 events a month – these are being advertised on Face book and Dorset Alert.

If any of the community would like to sign up to Dorset Alert to receive information regarding current issues or events to be aware of then please get in touch with one of the PCSOs who will set you up on the App. For example, there is an engagement today at Tesco’s Kinson and 400 people have been notified.

· The PCSOs have recently worked with the community to set up a Neighbourhood Watch Group at Forsyth Gardens, Slades farm. It is hoped this will help with any issues that arise.

· The CCTV camera that was set up and positioned on the Redhill Gyratory facing towards Columbia Road Co-op is likely to be moved as anti-social behaviour has decreased and the camera could be used elsewhere to benefit other areas in the community. We welcome suggestions.

· Jubilee Gardens has been made a quarterly priority for our Team due to anti-social behaviour at the location and possible drug dealing/use. We are asking the community for intelligence regarding this activity. Please provide information , i.e. vehicle registrations , dates , times , person descriptions using the 101@dorsetpolice.pnn.police.uk address. We are working closely with Housing and ASB Teams ( asb@bcpcouncil.gov.uk ) to deal with the issues being caused
· Anti-Social Behaviour has reduced at Slades Park. Please let us know if this change WE experienced issues at the Poppies football club over the summer but we are pleased to report this seems to have ended. Please let us know if this is not the case. END

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